DAS V & Addlakha Roentgen () Impairment and you may residential citizenship: voice, gender, and and then make of one’s topic

DAS V & Addlakha Roentgen () Impairment and you may residential citizenship: voice, gender, and and then make of one’s topic

Social Culture, 13 (3), pp. 511-531. Reprinted in B Ingstad & SR Whyte (eds) (2007) Disability into the Local and you will Around the world Globes, 128-148. Berkeley: School out of California Drive. Discussing face disfigurement (pp. 512-521), an incident records is offered of an early lady, Mandira, whose relationship happened personally, and are followed closely by rumours one to her suitor had been bewitched of the ‘dangerous phenomenal rites’ to make sure that the guy failed to observe her disfigurement. 5 years later on the latest spouse died, and lots of family members believed that Mandira along with her parents ended up being correctly punished because of their trickery. As opposed to the religious practitioner having “throw good veil along side partner’s capability to pick and court, because the so-called from the other people — perhaps he previously raised a great veil and you may welcome Mandira’s spouse so you can discover their once the she its is, penetrating the exterior appearance, as it have been.” One of the article authors statements, “This is one celebration about what I found a complicated ticket regarding cosmological information regarding the charm and ugliness one to mediated the fresh new way in which the fresh new societal norms have been articulated. Hindu myths and you will iconography is replete having instances where in actuality the capability to view charm really, to get over thinking of repulsion and you can scary on eyes out of that which is actually unappealing and frightening, ’s the sign of the actual lovers.”

Yet , good cousin’s wife realized the matter in another way

DASEN, Veronique (1993) Dwarfs in the Old Egypt and you will Greece. Oxford: Clarendon. Revised D.Phil. thesis, greatly referenced, according to iconography and you will medical and you will archaeological proof. Closes (pp. 246-48) that confident thinking with the dwarfs inside the Egypt while in the c. 3000 decades, and you can a much less months in Ancient Greece, was in fact with negative views and you may behaviour when you look at the Hellenistic and you will Roman attacks. Influences towards perceptions on the dwarfs, deformity and disability into the places ‘between’ Egypt and Greece can be suspected from the, but they are maybe not right here addressed.

DAS GUPTA, Tamonash Chandra (1933, 1937) Dayaram’s Sarada-Mangal. Log of your Department from Letters, College out-of Calcutta 23 (1933): 1-31, and you will 29 (1937) 31-81. The brand new poem concerns an effective hyperactive, attention-disordered prince that is not able to discover anything at school, even after 12 several years of work to coach him; plus the operate of 5 princesses to find certain knowledge. The issue are solved, with the aid of Saraswati, goddess out-of Understanding and you will Information.

De JONG, Albert (1997) Living of your own Magi. Zoroastrianism into the Greek and you will Latin Literature. Leiden: Brill. An extended inclusion and dialogue looks, into fundamental styles and you will significant difficulties inside creating a verification-mainly based history of Zoroastrianism. Explore comes with brand new personalized of segregating otherwise secluding some one having significant problems or disabilities, for example leprosy, into the a certain put or security, known as armest-gah (pp. 240-243). There will also have become some discretion away from earlier and Eastern Honeys you can infirm anyone, regardless if De Jong is cautious with exaggerations because of the faraway historians (444-445). There was evidence that men offering regarding military, and hiring a serious illness otherwise disabling reputation, have been put apart in the an open place, and provided by a stick, liquid, and you can a small dinner. While they got particular stamina, they could remain off of the wild animals towards the stick; however, until they returned easily so you can health, new animals carry out wind up all of them out-of. Particular performed endure and came back domestic, however, were feared and you may shunned until they’d undergone an enthusiastic exorcism ceremony (232-233, 239-242, 444-446).

Exposition and you will interpretation off a great Bengali poem, and this incidentally include “worthwhile information regarding the state of studies from inside the Bengal” probably dating regarding the seventeenth century

DENNIS, James S (1899) Christian Missions and you may Social Advances. A beneficial sociological study of international missions. step three vols. Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier. II: 384-87 studies a variety of late nineteenth century Southern area Far eastern impairment performs from the ‘benevolent natives’ and by the missionaries, having references in order to content for the missionary magazines. II: 388-89 briefly evaluations works because of the missionaries for blind members of Persia, Chicken, Syria and you may Egypt (discover and pictures, III: opp. 524, and you can books having blind anyone, III: 211-12). II: 433-47 studies leprosy objectives round the China. Dennis is oftentimes greatly patronising, but really brings a useful bottom line of objective jobs for ‘social progress’ in that century.

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